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Ashley’s Corner is a place for teachers to share their experiences with technologies within the LD classroom setting. Teachers are invited to post their stories within our “Ashley’s Corner” section. Let us know what software, or hardware has helped your students, so that other teachers and students can gain from your experiences.

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The Importance of a Right Start in School

We know that there is a right time and a wrong time for a child to start formal schooling.

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Finding Solutions To Difficult Problems In Education

Two educators, Al Bullock and Pamela Sims, have found ways to overcome some of the most daunting problems faced by schools today.

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“Font”astic: Help for Dyslexia

In Scientific American, October 26, 2011, a Dutch researcher has created a “font” (printing style) that he believes will help dyslexics to read more easily. Christian Boer, a graphic designer from the Netherlands, has manipulated the look of specific letters in the alphabet that have been troublesome for dyslexics (like “d” and “b”). He calls this font: “Dyslexie” which makes it less likely for dyslexics to turn, exchange or reverse letters and numbers. Mr. Boer has made this font available for purchase in English in the United States online.

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