Orange County Learning Disabilities Association

Items for Sale by the Orange County Learning Disabilities Association


  1. ALL CHILDREN LEARN DIFFERENTLY, a 30-minute video narrated by comedian Steve Allen. Newly digitized. $29.95

    Learning Disabilities require the services of many different specialties in medicine, psychology, perception, language acquisition and learning and behavior. This video presents eleven specialists who give their own insights into how they deal with learning disabilities. The video follows the model of learning disabilities discussed in this website. It presents a model program for teaching academics in a controlled environment to students with learning disabilities in middle school, as well as a program of vocational preparation for high school students with learning disabilities.

  2. A CHILD'S FIRST WORDS: How Speech and Language Development in Children under Age 4 Can Affect Their ability to Learn, an 18-minute video produced on a grant from Pacific Bell. Commentary by Jean MacRae McCarthy, early childhood specialist, University of Arizona. $19.95.

    Recent research indicates that 40% to 50% of late talkers go on to have learning disabilities in school. If a child is not talking by 18 months to two years, that child needs to be evaluated. Video defines milestones of good speech and language acquisition from 1 to 4 years. Features speech pathologists and programs designed to help children who are not talking between ages 2 and 4 year old. A must video for every pre-school in the country.

  3. CDs or DVDs of Understanding the Neurobiology of Anti-Social Behavior, seminar recording May 2006


  1. SOLVING THE PUZZLE OF YOUR HARD-TO-RAISE CHILD. William G. Crook, M.D., and Laura Stevens $20.00

    Teaming with the mother of two hard-to-raise children, Dr. William G. Crook shows how every one of the symptoms troubled children demonstrate - such as bed-wetting, stomachaches, drastic moods swings - might be linked to sensitivities to foods and/or environmental pollutants. Most important, he shows how these problematic elements can be reduced or eliminated. This book is not available in bookstores.

  2. NO MORE ADHD. Mary Ann Block, D.O. $12.00

    Dr. Block, author of No More Ritalin, goes further in her new and updated book, No More ADHD. She questions the very existence of the ADHD diagnosis with compelling and fact-based arguments. Dr. Block takes the reader on a shocking journey behind the scenes of the medical profession to expose how children's attention and behavior symptoms can be the result of real and explainable health and learning problems.

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